Who we are

Profiles Victoria, part of the Profiles International Australia Group. The recognised world leader in psychometric tests and and human resource management assessment tools.

Why use Profiles International?

We are the leading company worldwide in psychometric assessments, at Profiles International, we seek to solve your employee related challenges. We have assisted over 40,000 businesses worldwide invest in their Human Capital. Our pricing, technology, client service and accuracy are the reasons why we are the leading psychometric assessment company worldwide.

Building your team and solving your HR management challenges are fundamental to your success.

We've listened to the problems of thousands of HR professionals, business owners and managers:

  • Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes
  • Hire Top Performers
  • Put the Right Person in the Right Job the First Time
  • Identify & Develop Leadership Skills of Supervisors, Managers, and Executives
  • Reduce Employee Turnover
  • Increase Productivity & Customer Service Levels
  • Improve Employee Motivation & Engagement
  • Increase Sales

Want to see how we solved their problems?

What do we do?

We use the latest technology in psychometric assessments to help your business. By adding objective measures based on your top performers and our industry expertise, you will see your performance, sales, and your bottom line grow.



Recruiting Smarter

In the current market where skill shortages are common, many companies are overlooking the perfect employee. The CV and interview only give a glimpse of the person and you may miss a person's potential. Adding reputeable psychometric tests provides a candidates full potential.

We focus on understanding and objectively measuring core competencies, behaviours, and interests of top performers in companies and industries to ensure applicants fit the job the first time.

Use the Profile XT to help you make an informed decision.