Many 360 degree feedback solutions fail to fully deliver to the expectations of both the Managing Director and Managers who undertake the survey. This is because many 360 degree feedback surveys will only deliver results showing gaps in the Managers skill sets without any follow up program to develop the Manager around those gaps.

For anyone undertaking a 360 degree feedback assessment we recommend you first go through a presentation Profiles offers that will go into detail of how a 360 degree feedback survey works and what can make it succeed or fail.

Profiles’ Internet-based CheckPoint 360° Competency Feedback System™ is a 360 degree feedback survey that is the foundation for a complete management competency development program. This powerful 360 degree feedback solution positively impacts a manager’s growth and an organization’s success. It gives managers a rating of their performance by the full circle of boss, peers, and direct reports.

The 360 degree feedback report they receive helps them accurately evaluate their strengths, areas for improvement, and overall job performance. This is the basis for planning and executing a program of professional growth.

Participation and administration of the 360 degree feedback survey requires absolutely no special training. CheckPoint is easy and convenient to use with secure 24/7 Internet implementation.

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CheckPoint measures eight key management skills and eighteen job skills essential to effective performance

  • Communication - Including the skills of listening to others, processing information and communicating effectively.
  • Task Management - Gauging the level of aptitude for working efficiently and competently.
  • Leadership - Covering the abilities of instilling trust, providing direction and delegating responsibility.
  • Production - Appraising abilities to initiate action and achieve results.
  • Adaptability - Encompassing the skills of adjusting to circumstances and thinking creatively.
  • Development of Others - Measuring proficiencies in cultivating individual talents and motivating successfully.
  • Relationships - Assessing the capabilities to build relationships and facilitate team success.
  • Personal Development - Including the behaviours of displaying commitment and seeking improvement.

CheckPoint feedback sets the course for professional development and better performance

Good managers strive to increase their effectiveness, but may lack information to optimize their training and learning. The comprehensive Checkpoint 360 degree feedback report is easy to read, understand, and use to fill the gaps in a manager’s knowledge and skills. CheckPoint is the starting point for a powerful management development system that yields results that are measurable and verifiable on your bottom line.

The next step in the management development system is the SkillBuilder™ Series. SkillBuilder provides managers with a series of important steps that lead to leaps in performance.

SkillBuilder is a self-paced, interactive Internet-based self-improvement program that does not require special training classes or time off from work. This organized self-study method effectively promotes professional development in all CheckPoint competencies.

Managers participate in SkillBuilder on the Internet. They find it easy to use at their convenience. After responding to questions and doing online exercises, they click a button to print a customized Self-Improvement Report. The report provides a detailed plan of action for professional development.

By employing the KSS method, SkillBuilder helps managers identify the activities they want to KEEP doing – because they do them well, activities they want to STOP doing – because they are counterproductive, and activities they want to START doing – because they will improve their performance.

Using SkillBuilder pays big dividends because productivity, cooperation, communication, employee retention and profits increase while many “people problems” are reduced. SkillBuilder is an easy and effective method for better management.

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The Organizational Management Analysis is an essential element of organizational development. An OMA report presents a compilation of the information obtained from the individual CheckPoint results of a group of managers. Delivered via the Internet, the report provides a factual summary of the perceptions of a management group with input from the managers’ bosses, peers, and direct reports.

The value of the Organizational Management Analysis is in providing a description of where are we now? This has been described as “the fifth point of the compass.” The “fifth point” concept means successful management decisions regarding the direction to take a company must be predicated on knowing where you stand now. False assumptions often lead to wasting time, effort, and resources. The OMA report is a guide to future development based on statistically accurate data. When you know where you are and where you want to go, you can chart your course with confidence and certainty.

The Organizational Management Analysis process examines a company’s culture and provides insights to the alignment of management groups with the company’s goals and objectives. This information is used to analyze the human capital expectations associated with an organization’s long-term strategic objectives. The report also provides an analysis of organizational development priorities and defines organizational training needs.

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