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Want to Hire the Best? 2 Reasons Why Interviews Aren't Enough

Today's economy is an unemployment rollercoaster, where hiring the best job candidate is a challenge. And contrary to popular belief, interviews are not the best indicators for selecting the right individual for the job. How do you know if your new-hire has the suitable skills, intelligence and attitude to perform on the job?

A recent article from Forbes, titled "Stop Being Deceived by Interviews When You're Hiring," was spot on in addressing this issue. Written by Don Moore, the article discusses the flaws of traditional job interviews and how evaluations and assessments are needed to aid in hiring the best job candidate.

2 Common Flaws of Traditional Job Interviews

Favouritism. Even if it's unintentional, interviews are biased. Interviews are based on "good" first impressions, which means the most poised, charming and attractive candidates are more likely to be selected by the interviewer. As Moore points out, consequently, those individuals do not always have the best job performance.

Overconfidence . Managers tend to be overconfident when it comes to hiring. Everyone wants to believe they are experts at judging character. But sole judgment, like that taken away from an interview, is simply not enough to predict successful job performance. Instead of relying on gut instincts from an interview, it's better to base hiring decisions on evidence so there are no surprises once the candidate is onboard.

So to hire the best candidate, in addition to interviews, pre-screening assessments are needed to figure out if the person does in fact fit the job! When discussing job fit, Moore highlights the fact that, "the best approach is to determine exactly how fit matters and explicitly assess that using a structured test or structured interview questions." 

In evaluating candidates, pre-hire assessments are useful in looking at skills, competencies and behaviours. In addition to a simple skills report, some assessments offer insight for hiring managers in preparing for interviews. For example, the ProfileXT, a total person assessment used throughout the employee life cycle, includes an interview guide.

With the use of assessments, having a prepared and structured interview increases the efficiency of your hiring process and will help you hire the best-fit candidate possible!

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3 Principles of Matching People to Jobs

Organisations with a philosophy of matching people to jobs can get a leg-up on their competition. Having followed 360,000 people through their careers during a period of 20 years, a major study published by Harvard Business Review demonstrated that a key ingredient in retaining people is ensuring that they are matched to their jobs in terms of their abilities, interests, and personalities.

The study found that when you put people in jobs where the demands of the job matched their own abilities, where the stimulation offered by the job matched their particular interests, and where the cultural demands of the position matched their personalities, staff turnover decreased dramatically, and productivity increased dramatically. So, how should organisations get started?

3 Principles of Job Matching

First, use psychometric tools to determine the requirements of each of your positions in terms of abilities, interests and personality, and then use this information to match your jobs to people who will excel in them. Gut feeling cannot do this assessment for you-it needs to be undertaken using properly validated tools designed for this purpose. For example, the ProfileXT is an assessment instrument designed to make job matching easy.

Second, once you know what each job requires, you can more effectively match people to their jobs, providing any training, support, or coaching necessary for them to be successful. Put the right person in the right job and you eliminate a large portion of the 5 percent who leave simply because they are "bored with the job."

Third, remember that there is no quick, easy and inexpensive "silver bullet" that will help you win the war for quality people. But apply these steps and you can eliminate more than 95 percent of the reasons why people defect-putting yourself well on track to be one of that envied class-the Employer of Choice.

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