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Tending to the Workforce   

"When gardeners garden, it is not just plants that grow, but the gardeners themselves"  -Ken Druse

With Spring in the air it is a good time to take a thorough look at your workforce. Is it efficient and effective? Will it meet your year-end goals?

The best way to find out is by conducting assessments that reflect on employee behaviour and job fit - and making the appropriate adjustments while there's still time.

Strategic workforce planning delivers real value by:
- Offering management a deeper understanding of workforce dynamics;
- Enabling employers to manage more efficiently and effectively by analysing the long-term effects of their staffing choices; and
- Helping leaders make better business decisions.

While strategic workforce planning should be a year-round practice, we understand that’s one of those things that can slip. But now that it's Spring, it’s time to get serious. Just as planting seeds in the springtime will yield dazzling flowerbeds by summer, strategic workforce planning today can help an organisation meet or beat its year-end projections. Just planting a seed!

FROM BUD HANEYS DESK: Bud Haney, President Profiles International

Did You Know? 

Although 92% of companies have some level of workforce planning, only 21% of companies take a strategic, long-term approach. - Bersin and Associates

A study of 20,000 newly hired employees showed that "46 percent of all new hires fail within 18 months." - Leadership IQ

Coaching Difficult Managers

How do you coach a difficult coach? Managers carry a lot of responsibility, but what do you do when they become difficult and unproductive? It can be tough to confront someone in a leadership position, especially when the subject matter is not positive. An easy way to provide managerial coaching is to show concrete, objective results that back up your claim.
Assessments such as CheckPoint°™ are used to evaluate the effectiveness of managers and leaders. This assessment combines feedback from direct reports, peers, supervisors and customers with a personalized program for developing specific leadership skills based on that feedback. CheckPoint°™ is a coaching tool for difficult managers, and can help managers identify and prioritize their own development opportunities.

Concrete data will allow business leaders to demonstrate why a particular manager needs coaching. Once a manager realizes what areas they need to improve to be more successful, the business leader should develop a communication plan to ensure that the manager is on the right track to improvement.

Top 10 Selection Best Practices                            by Megan Bullard 

You know that there are many tools available to assist you during your selection process. Products such as the ProfileXT® and the Profile Performance Indicator have been created to meet your selection needs.  Here are the Top 10 Selection Best Practices to help you regain focus:
  1. Know how each job supports your organisation's key objectives.
  2. Consider both internal and external candidates for open positions.
  3. Use objective evaluation criteria based on known outstanding performers in that job.
  4. Ensure compensation is competitive, based on current market rates for the job.
  5. Apply a consistent selection process to all candidates
  6. Include key stakeholders in your employee selection process.
  7. Train your interviewers in your employee selection process.
  8. Give your interviewers guidance to help them probe deeper into a candidate's suitability.
  9. Conduct comprehensive reference and background checks on job candidates.
  10. Ensure your orientation process helps re-deployed people become productive faster.

Selecting the right candidate for the right job ensures the success of your organisation.  Update your selection processes, integrate these best practices, and enjoy the success that comes with having qualified candidates in the right position.

ProfileXT® in Use by a Sales Organisation        

A large nationwide sales company wanted a better way to select highly productive sales personnel. The organisation used the ProfileXT® to assess their sales staff and then conducted a study to determine the relationship between the PXT results and sales productivity.

The employer initially provided a list of the 12 Top Performers out of 41 total sales staff so they could develop a Job Match Pattern based on their PXT results. The performance criterion was from an in-house evaluation process the company routinely used to assess the productivity of their sales people.

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Tending to the Workforce

Did You Know?

Coaching Difficult Managers

Top 10 Selection Best Practices

ProfileXT in Use by a Sales Organisation


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