Our History
Profiles International - Victoria was established in late 2003 to work with Victorian Businesses to help improve their productivity through the development of their people.

Our focus is on companies who value the contribution their staff make and have the initiative to help further develop their staff and to ensure all new staff recruited will be right for their company and will be top performers.

We have had significant improvements with small companies where unproductive staff can have the greatest affect.

Profiles International Inc.
In 1991, Jim Sirbasku and Bud Haney founded Profiles International, Inc. after seeing an unsatisfied business need that was having a negative effect on many companies; traditional hiring methods had failed & companies were bloated with marginally-productive employees.

They discovered a weak link in the system: The goal of "putting the right person in the right job" was more a dream than a reality.

Choosing an Employee Assessment Vendor
Before you make a decision to use employee assessments, you should ask the following questions of your assessment vendor. More

What is Our Advantage?

Human resource solutions from Profiles International give you competitive advantages no other human resources solutions provider can offer - this is how you gain by working with Profiles International.

Whatever your need for Human Resource assessments, Profiles International has the right solutions for you. Profiles International has a variety of effective workplace-tested instruments your business can use with confidence. Let us become your assessment partner.

Join more than 35,000 other companies in over 100 countries that already use Profiles International assessments to position their human capital where it pays the greatest rewards ... in productivity... in lowering stress & conflict... in creating more effective communication.... and in motivating significant, measurable, bottom line growth.

If you already use assessments, or if you are just considering their use, you've come to the right place to get information to make the best decision.

Our Research

  • All Profiles International products are scientifically driven and have all been developed specifically for business use.

  • Profiles International regularly and consistently revalidates all of our products, question by question using people in the workplace in the country of their use.


Our Pricing Policy
Our employment assessments are mid-market priced and we strive to provide the greatest value in the assessment industry.

Our Technology & Delivery Systems
Our web enabled platforms lead the industry. Our online assessment system allows our clients to have a reliable, secure, confidential 24 x 7 Virtual Assessment Centre.

Our Virtual Assessment Centres are designed to be easily integrated into your existing HRIS system and flexible for companies who have multiple locations or departments.


Measure the Total Person
We measure the total person; thinking and reasoning, behavioural traits & occupational interests.

Customised Job Patterns
We create job match patterns that are customised to fit your company and its corporate culture to ensure the new people you recruit will have many of the same job-related attributes as the people you have who are productive and doing an all-around good job for you.