Who can be a partner?

Partners can be 1 or 2 people businesses up to large consulting firms.

Suitable Partners would be:

  • Recruiting companies
  • Business consultants
  • Coaching companies
  • Call centre specialists
  • HR consultants
  • Psychologists
  • Systems integrators

At present we have no partners in Regional Victoria so we would be especially interested in companies who may be looking to take ownership of Profiles for their region.

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Profiles Victoria places a great deal of emphasis on its Partner Plans. Partners are companies who see the opportunity to increase their solutions portfolio by offering Profiles solutions directly to their clients.


A Strategic Business Partner is someone who is committed to making Profiles solutions a significant part of their business with the focus to optimise revenue growth for your company and Profiles Victoria by developing and consolidating accounts.

The role of the Strategic Business Partner is to deliver Profiles International solutions into its clients as part of business process where the consultancy calls for improvement in a company’s staff performance. It is expected from this that the Strategic Business Partner will provide the follow up consulting, coaching and training to the clients and its staff based on results and coaching reports generated by Profiles.

Profiles Victoria will require the Strategic Business Partner to operate with considerable latitude. Profiles Victoria will support the establishment of a business plan, and will provide coaching and advice on its effective implementation, but will otherwise expect the initiative to be championed by the Strategic Business Partner to achieve sales targets.

For this role to achieve the planned sales growth, it will be necessary for good working relationships to be established with Profiles International administration, secretarial and service support staff, as well as key advocates within Profiles International.

It is expected that the Strategic Business Partner will generate profit for the margins gained on reselling Profiles solutions and that the solution will lead to consultancy charged at an hourly rate.

As for its part Profiles Victoria will train its Strategic Business Partners in its solutions and to prospect into developing new clients using the Profiles International Partner endorsement for credibility.

What is provided
As part of becoming a Strategic Business Partner of Profiles the Partner will be provided with:-

  • Access to all Profiles International Solutions
  • Website to administer assessments
  • Product Training
  • Sales Training
  • Marketing Material
  • Product Support
  • Update Seminars
  • Sales Support including joint presentations with prospects
  • Ability to use Profiles International branding with your company

Enquiries are confidential and can be made by calling 1300 PROFILE or Email: info@profilesvictoria.com.au for a detailed Strategic Business Partner Program document.