The Profile XT ™(PXT) is the most technologically advanced assessment tool available today for measuring human potential and predicting job performance to help you put the right people in the right jobs. It assists employers to make better selection, coaching, training, promotion, managing, and succession planning decisions. You will be able to uncover why some of your employees perform at extraordinary levels, while others who appear to be equally qualified, are only average performers. more
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Checkpoint 360™ (CP360) is a powerful professional development tool, that positively impacts an individual's growth and career, and an organisation's success. For managers, supervisors, and others in leadership positions, it can facilitate peak performance that generates improved productivity. CheckPoint quantifies a participant's competencies, verifies the results from a variety of perspectives, and identifies ways to enhance skills. more

SnapShot™ measures work-related characteristics of individuals, and is designed to assist in the selection of staff for blue collar and front-line positions.

Customer Service Profile™ (CSP) is an assessment tool for making sure everyone in your company is on the customer service team. Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a thoughtless remark on the phone or inattention to a customer's needs can result in the loss of business. Everyone needs to be concerned with customer service where in todays business many companies sell the same product and the way to differentiate is to offer better customer service than your competitors.

Profiles Performance Indicator™ is a DISC-type assessment that reveals aspects of an individual’s personality that could impact their fit with their manager, coworkers, and team as well as their job performance. It is primarily used for motivating and coaching employees, and resolving post-hire conflict and performance issues.

Profiles Sales Assessment™ (PSA) measures how well a person fits specific sales jobs in your organisation. It is used primarily for selecting, onboarding, and managing sales people and account managers. The “job modelling” feature of the PSA is unique, and can be customised by company, sales position, department, manager, geography, or any combination of these factors.

Profiles Step One Survey II™ (SOS) is a pre-employment screening tool designed to assess the abilities of job candidates regarding personal integrity, substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic. more

Profiles Managerial Fit™ (PMF) measures critical aspects of compatibility between a manager and their employees. This report offers an in-depth look at one’s approach to learning and six critical dimensions of compatibility with their manager: self-assurance, conformity, optimism, decisiveness, self-reliance, and objectivity.