Know where your Managers need Training
Many companies send their Managers off to training courses that are a complete waste of time and money. By gathering feedback from those staff around them you will build an accurate picture of where their gaps are and where training will best benefit them.

360 Degree Feedback: How does it work?

Select Areas of Focus
It is important the MD or CEO decides what skills are critical to his Managers. The survey has 8 key areas of Management with 18 sub skill sets. There is no point lending weight to feedback if that skill is not required so they are asked to select the 6 most important skills for a list of 18. Reports will then generate training requirements around what is training required. The section of report below shows that while 9 skills fell below a satisfactory level only the ones in bold selected by the Boss B are selected as areas for development. To see an example click more

Feedback Reporting
To make it easy for staff to provide feedback the survey is carried out online. As the last person completes the feedback the scoring is done by Profiles International and comprehensive reports are provided to you. Of these is the Organisational Report which provides an overall summary of your Manager’s skills against your criteria. The chart below showing 29% of Managers in the company do not delegate enough. more

                                      % below zone                   % in zone                      % above zone

Delegates Responsibility





Arranging Training
When undertaking a 360 Degree Feedback program it should be with the clear intention of providing training in the areas identified from the feedback. As we know Managers are busy people and finding a course tailored around their requirements is a challenge. For that reason we have designed online interactive training courses based on the results of the survey that can be done at the Managers leisure and takes around 1hr per week over 6 weeks, and all from their desk. To view a demo click more