Profiles Performance Indicator measures key behavioural factors and their impact on the critically important aspects of success in business, providing information that makes every employee more valuable and productive.

This DISC style assessment and report helps you understand how an individual can be understood, motivated, and managed. It give you a tremendous advantage in developing the potential your employees bring to the job.

Reports are filled with specific, individualised management suggestions for working more productively with each person you manage. Morale gets a terrific boost because your communication with employees is personalised. They feel your attention is customised to their needs, their personality and their best interests.

The improvement in communication and work motivation leads to significant gains in productivity as more individual, departmental and organisational objectives are reached.


Technical Specs

Solves these challenges: Low employee motivation, poor communication, training needs, workplace conflict, poor teamwork

Used For: Coaching and self improvement

Areas Measured:
Productivity, Quality of Work, Initiative, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Adapting to Change, Response to Stress and Conflict

Administration: Online or Pencil / Paper

Report Types: Management & Individual

Results Turnaround: Immediately