When assessing a candidate for a position in your company you should be looking beyond the recruitment process when selecting your new employee. For that reason we provide a number of reports to assist you not just in placing your candidate but in developing once they commence with you.

Placement Report will provide you with a % fit for your candidate against the benchmark created. It also provides a breakdown of the 16 areas examined as a candidate may well score a high % overall but in one or two areas may be lacking the vital scales that the position relies heavily upon.

The important thing here is looking for any areas where the candidates scores a 1-2 or 9-10. If this is outside the benchmark you set, then that person falls in 7% of the population for Australia that would score in this area. This then becomes important to examine closer if this is a key trait for the position.

The report also provides a list of interview questions which are generated where the candidate's score falls outside the benchmark so you can further explore any potential weaknesses.


Individual Report will provide the candidate feedback in a positive manner. It highlights the strengths and covers any areas where development may assist. It has no scores and is not related to the benchmark but is a concise description of the candidate. While you can make your own call about providing this to unsuccessful candidates it should be provided to the successful candidate as a heads up for development you may plan to undertake with them.

Verbal Skill (A measure of verbal skill through vocabulary.)
  • You have a sound understanding of everyday communication processes.
  • You can build on your foundation as the particular communication skills required in performing the job become familiar.
  • You should be competent in making analyses involving written and verbal data.
  • You show strong potential for developing existing skills with communication.
Energy Level (Tendency to display endurance and capacity for a fast pace.)
  • You express a low energy level; your work style is compatible with a more relaxed, sedentary-level of work.
  • You are not inclined to project a high sense of urgency. You might appreciate input from others when beginning a new project.
  • You prefer not to be pressured by critical deadlines. You may prefer time to think things through, to check things out.
  • You may benefit from clearly defined priorities and deadlines as well as some external pacing.

Coaching Report will provide a manual on how to best manage your new employee for increased productivity. The report focuses on any areas where the candidates fall outside your benchmark and make recommendations on how to manage, motivate and coach that person to ensure they become a superior performer.

Sandra Dee scored outside the position match pattern in the following areas. When working with Sandra Dee you might consider the following:


  • Sandra's vocabulary is sufficient for most situations at work, but be observant of any special needs during more complex instruction-giving or during times of heightened stress. Always review your communications when in doubt.
  • It may be helpful to review the more complex points of a discussion or series of instructions with Sandra so as to efficiently manage good communications.
  • In order to facilitate her ability to communicate with others, even under stress, provide Sandra the opportunity to enhance her ability to communicate with appropriate training.
  • Ms. Dee may find it difficult to efficiently express herself to others when stressed by frustrations or work demands. Portray an attitude of patience, allowing her to gather her composure.

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