When recruiting it is important that 3 key areas are assessed: Thinking Style, Behavioural and Job Fit. This will then provide a complete picture of the person you are looking to recruit. Within each of these areas we need to drill down to the individual traits to gain a complete picture.

Thinking style
There are 4 areas that are assessed in thinking style to provide an overall learning index for the candidate. Those areas are:-

Verbal Skill – A measure of verbal skill through vocabulary.

Verbal Reasoning – Using words as a basis in reasoning and problem-solving.

Numerical Ability – A measure of numerical calculation ability.

Numerical Reasoning – Using numbers as a basis in reasoning and problem-solving.

Behavioural Traits
There are 9 areas that are assessed in behaviour. Those areas are:-

Energy Level – Tendency to display endurance and capacity for a fast pace.

Assertiveness – Tendency to take charge of people and situations. Leads more than follows.

Sociability – Tendency to be outgoing, people-oriented and participate with others.

Manageability – Tendency to follow policies, accept external controls and supervision and work within the rules.

Attitude – Tendency to have a positive attitude regarding people and outcomes.

Decisiveness – Uses available information to make decisions quickly.

Accommodating – Tendency to be friendly, co-operative, agreeable. To be a team person.

Independence – Tendency to be self-reliant, self-directed to take independent action and make own decisions.

Objective Judgment – The ability to think clearly and be objective in decision-making.

Job Fit
There are 6 areas that are assessed in Job Fit. Those areas are:-

People Service – Indicated interest in activities such as helping people and promoting others welfare.

Technical – Indicated interest in scientific activities, technical data and research.

Enterprising – Indicated interest in activities associated with persuading others and presenting plans.

Creative – Indicated interest in activities using imagination, creativity and original ideas.

Financial/Admin – Indicated interest in activities such as organising information or business procedures.

Mechanical – Indicated interest in working with tools, equipment and machinery.

Sometimes people spend their entire working lives in the wrong job. They change from one company to another looking for that something different when all along it's the job not the company that is wrong for them.