Profiling Ensures you Get the Right Person Every Time
Most hiring decisions are made in the first 4.3 mins of an interview. Profiling candidates brings a more objective approach to this process. Our unique method which creates an individual benchmark for each role, means you can ensure that through profiling, you recruit the best possible candidates for each role every time.

Profiles works with you to determine what makes an employee “fit” into your company values, culture and role by benchmarking your top performers in each role, using our profiling tool. That way, you’re able to clearly and objectively identify the right candidates based on your own key criteria before making your final hiring decision.

Customised Profiling Tools: How does it work?

We provide a complimentary service designed to provide an insight into the type of person you need to employ. We’ll spend 30 mins with you to build an accurate benchmark based on your criteria. more

Benchmark Scales
The benchmark will supply a range in a scale 1-10 into which your perfect candidate will fit. For example:-

Behavioural Scales

Employee Description:
Employees who consistently maintain their positive expression and trust easily.
They tend to have a relaxed social style.

This example covers one of the 16 traits we assess and the scale can be fine tuned if the description does not align with your expectations. Each candidate is assessed in the area on Thinking, Behaviour and Job Interest. more

The candidate completes the assessment online and results are provided to you by email as soon as the last question is complete. How simple is that?

Each trait benchmarked is then aligned against where the candidate scores in order to determine alignment for the position.

Job Pattern 7-9 Score 6

All 16 traits are aligned against the scale you set which lends weight to the final score fit. This makes it easy to compare results for each candidate and make an objective decision when deciding on your successful candidate.

What if I’m Still Unsure About my Final Selection?
Your reports will provide you with interview questions to further explore your candidate’s areas of weakness, as well as providing coaching recommendations to assist you in managing your new employee to their full potential. more

79% Behavioural Traits Pattern match for the XYZ Pty Ltd Administrator
88% match with Thinking Style Pattern for the XYZ Pty Ltd Administrator
72% match with Interest Pattern for the XYZ Pty Ltd Administrator

John Smith has a 81% overall match for the XYZ Pty Ltd Administrator position.

The Distortion Scale Score on this assessment is 9. The Distortion Scale deals with how honest the respondent was whilst taking this assessment.
The range for this scale is 1 to 10 with higher scores suggesting greater honesty.

An honesty factor is also provided to determine how honest the candidate has been when answering the questions.

Our extensive validation and normalisation is done for our assessments to ensure any scores align with the ‘norm’ of the Australian population.