When recruiting sales staff it is important that 5 key traits are assessed: Competitiveness, Self-Reliance, Persistence, Energy and Sales Drive. Therse are all behavioural traits that can be assessed that reflect directly upon the skills a salesperson requires. For example the ability to prospect is directly related to energy.

When we have determined the scores for each of the above traits we can then assess in what key sales skill areas our candidates will be strongest.

Sales Skills
There are 7 areas that are assessed in sales skills to provide an overall picture of the candidate. Those skills are:-

Prospecting - the preferred approach to engaging prospects for sales presentations

Closing the sale - the approach to move a prospect to buy, quickly or step-by-step approach.

Call reluctance - an individual’s need for support to overcome hesitance in making calls

Self-starting - preferred approach a salesperson may utilise to initiate activity

Working with a team - level of openness an individual may have to cooperative in a team environment

Building and maintaining relationships - the way a salesperson establishes & maintains relations with clients

Compensation preference - various kinds of rewards that serve to motivate the salesperson


Behavioural Traits
There are 5 areas that are assessed in behaviour. Those areas are:-

Competitiveness – Enthusiasm for a competitive activity.

Self-Reliance – Need for structure and support.

Persistence – Sticking with a task until it is finished.

Energy – Tendency toward restlessness and activity.

Sales Drive – a focused drive that can provide motivation for action..

Anyone can be trained to do sales but top sales people are bord not taught and assessing candidates will tell you who is a born salesperson.