Profiling Ensures your Sales Recruit will Succeed
Sales has always been a case of the 80/20 rule where 80% of sales are done by 20% of our salesforce. Some employers ask how can they predict if a candidate will be in the 20% of top salespeople.

A good sales track record does not mean a candidate will be successful for your company as salespeople need various skills that vary with different products and markets.

While assessing a candidate will provide greater information about them you need to understand what sales skills your salespeople need, that is why we commence our process with a benchmarking exercise so you understand what type of salesperson will align with your sales needs.

Customised Profiling Tools: How does it work?

Our consultants will spend 15 mins with you building an accurate benchmark based on your criteria. The benchmark can be customised by company, sales position, department, manager, geography or any combination of these factors. This is a complimentary service designed to provide an insight into the type of person you need to employ. more

Benchmark Scales
The benchmark will supply a range in a scale 1-10 into which your perfect candidate will fit. For example:-


The ideal candidate will usually be able to hand over leadership to others. This balance should ensure good relations with team members and he or she can also be more diplomatic than other more forceful individuals.

The above example covers one of the 5 traits we are assessing and the scale can be fine tuned if the description does not align with your expectations. Each candidate is assessed for skills in:-

Closing the sale
Call reluctance
Working with a team
Building / maintaining relationships
Compensation preference

The candidate completes the assessment online and results are provided to you by email as soon as the last question is complete. How simple is that?

Each trait benchmarked is then aligned against where the candidate scores in order to determine alignment for the position.

•Reserved •Non-confrontational •Cooperative•Persuasive •Confident •Assertive

All 5 traits are aligned against the scale you set which lends weight to the final score fit. This makes it easy to compare results for each candidate and make an objective decision when deciding on your successful candidate. more

What if I’m still Unsure About my Final Selection?
Your reports will provide you with information to further explore your candidate’s areas of weakness. more

The Distortion Scale deals with how candid and frank the respondent was while taking this assessment.
The range for this scale is 1 to 9, with higher scores suggesting greater candor.

The Distortion Scale score on this assessment is 9

An honesty factor is also provided to determine how honest the candidate has been when answering the questions. Our extensive validation and normalisation is done for our assessments to ensure any scores align with the ‘norm’ of the Australian population.