When assessing a candidate for a position in your company you should be looking beyond the recruitment process when selecting your new employee. For that reason we provide a number of reports to assist you not just in placing your candidate but in developing once they commence with you.

These reports also become a valuable resource when assessing existing staff as they provide a guide as to how to improve their performance.

Placement Report will provide you with a % fit for your candidate against the benchmark created. It also provides a breakdown of the 10 areas examined as a candidate may well score a high % overall but in one or two areas may be lacking the vital scales that the position relies heavily upon.

Key in this is looking for any areas where the candidates scores a 1-2 or 9-10. If this is outside the benchmark you set then that person falls in 7% of the populated for Australia that would score in this area. This then becomes important to examine closer if this is a key trait for the position.

The report also provides a list of interview questions which are generated where the candidates score falls outside the benchmark so you can further explore any potential weaknesses.

Individual Report will provide the candidate feedback in a positive manner. It highlights the strenghs and covers any areas where development may assist. It has no scores and is not related to the benchmark but is a concise description of the candidate. While you can make your own call about providing this to unsuccessful candidates it should be provided to the successful candidate as a heads up for development you may plan to undertake with them.

Trust (Tendency to hold an unquestioning belief that the motives of others are honourable)
  • You do not appear to be a skeptic.
  • You generally believe that customers’ motives are genuinely honorable and worthy of trust.
  • You probably take others at face value and are not wary of their intentions unless something appears reasonably suspicious.

Tact (Tendency to state a position without offending others)
  • You appear quite tactful.
  • You probably make a conscious effort to be extremely diplomatic with customers.
  • You may go to the extent of saying things you think the customer wants to hear.
  • You are a non-confrontational individual who carefully avoids unpleasantness in how you present yourself to others.

Coaching Report as assessments are also about development of people we include a coaching report that provides a manual on how to best manage your new employee. The report focuses on any areas where the candidates fall outside your benchmark and make recommendations on how to manage that person to ensure you get the best out of them.


Pattern 5-7 Score 10

Comments on Tact
She appears quite tactful. Darlene is apt to make a conscious effort to be extremely diplomatic with customers, sometimes to the extent of saying things she thinks the customer wants to hear, even if not necessarily practical. Darlene is a non-confrontational individual who diligently avoids unpleasantness in how she presents himself to others.

Considerations for Employee Development
With such an emphasis on tact and delicacy in communication, Darlene may be overlooking the practicality of greater candor. Try to balance her talent for diplomacy with the skills needed to be more direct and plain-speaking when necessary. Shadowing a co-worker who has attained their balance may provide the illustrative training needed.

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