When recruiting for customer service roles it is important that 2 key areas are assessed, Thinking Style and Behavioural. This will then provide a complete picture of the person you are looking to recruit. Within each of these areas we need to drill down to the individual traits to gain a complete picture.

Thinking style
There are 2 areas that are assessed in thinking style to provide an overall learning index for the candidate. Those areas are:-

Vocabulary – A measure of verbal skill through vocabulary.

Numerical Ability – A measure of numerical calculation ability.

Behavioural Traits
There are 8 areas that are assessed in behaviour. Those areas are:-

Trust – Tendency to hold an unquestioning belief that the motives of others are honourable.

Tact - Tendency to state a position without offending others.

Empathy - Tendency to understand another's situation and feelings.

Conscientiousness - Tendency to be very accurate in work efforts; to keep promises.

Conformity - Tendency to comply with the rules and those in authority.

Focus - Tendency to pursue an objective regardless of distractions.

Courtesy - Tendency to deal with others in a pleasant manner.

Flexibility - Tendency to explore new approaches to doing things; open to change.

All companies have different ways of dealing with customers that works for them. Deciding what is right for you and then aligning your staff and new recruits is the first step to winning and keeping customers.